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The ADM2021 International Conference aims to provide a national and global forum for presenting and discussing the latest advances in Design Methods and Tools in Industrial Engineering, Mechanics, Materials, and Technology.

It is organized with the patronage of ADM – Associazione Nazionale Disegno e Metodi dell’Ingegneria Industriale (Italian Association of Design Methods and Tools for Industrial Engineering) and it will take place in Rome after the first edition held in 2019 in the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy.

The ADM2021 International Conference welcomes the contributions of academics, researchers and industry experts to disseminate their major and recent results, case studies, tools and techniques in Engineering Design. Relevant applications in Engineering fields include also transversal domains as, for example, Biomedical, Medicine and Cultural Heritage. 

Accepted papers will be published in Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering (Springer), indexed in Scopus. Please refer to Submission for more details.

We are glad to announce the organization of a Special Session on “Engineering Methods and Applications for Cultural Heritage”. Authors interested in submitting a paper for this Special Session, during the paper submission, must select “special session: cultural heritage” as destination topic.

– Geometric Modelling and Analysis
– Industrial Design and Ergonomics
– Virtual/Augmented Reality and Interactive Design
– Reverse Engineering, Digital Acquisition and Inspection
– Geometrical Product Specification and Tolerancing
– Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
– Integrated Product and Process Design
– EcoDesign
– Design for Additive Manufacturing
– Integrated methods for Design, Simulation, Analysis and Optimization
– Geometric and Functional Characterization of Products
– Experimental Methods in Product Development
– Knowledge and Product Data Management
– Human-Related and User-Centered Design
– Engineering Education
ADM is a non-profit association founded in 1974. It is governed by a Board that is elected every three years by the Assembly of Members.
Its main purposes are:
– Promoting the importance of technical communication and industrial engineering methods in industry, public institutions, schools
– Assisting entrepreneurs and managers in training on industrial engineering methods and in transferring methods for product innovation
– Providing opportunities for members to study and exchange experiences
– Keeping connections with Ingegraf (Asociación Española de Ingeniería Gráfica) and SMART (Systems. Manufacturing. Academics. Resources. Technologies, previously AIP-PRIMECA).
– Supporting the training of consultants who carry out free professional activities in the field of design, technical communication and the use of CAD, PLM and CaX technologies
– Performing training in the field of technical design using distance learning technologies.