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Registration As Participant will open soon.
Please use ConfTool Conference Management System (ConfTool) to register. 
If you already have a ConfTool account, please log in and register.

If you don’t have an account, please follow these instructions:
1. Create a ConfTool User Account on the ConfTool login page and follow the “Register new” link.
2. Login to the ConfTool System with your username and password under “Registered Users”.
3. Register yourself by clicking on “Register as participant”.

To help decisions about on-line or in-presence attendance due to COVID-19 pandemic evolution,
registration fees may be divided in 2 instalments.
Instalment A mandatory for presenting delegates and related to on-line attendance.
Instalment B for delegates who want to be present in Rome.

There are different Fee Categories:

Fee for Presenters 
– Student
– Member of ADM, Ingegraf or S.M.A.R.T. (with renewal of ADM membership fee)
– Regular
Fee for Non-Presenters
– On-line Participant (only instalment A is due)
– In-Presence Participant or Accompanying Person (only instalment B is due)

Instalment A for Presenters includes:
– Paper processing and publishing;
– On-line attendance and presentation (if instalment B is not paid).
Instalment B for Presenters includes:
– In-presence attendance and presentation;
– Conference kit;
– Coffee and lunch breaks;
– Gala dinner.

Instalment A for On-line Participant includes only on-line attendance 

Instalment B for In-presence Participant includes: 
– In-presence attendance;
– Conference kit;
– Coffee and lunch breaks;
– Gala dinner.

Instalment B for Accompanying Person includes:
– Social programme and social programme conference kit
– Coffee and lunch breaks;
– Gala dinner.