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In this page you can find basic rules and regulations to attend the Conference both online and on-site. We kindly ask you to follow them, to reduce mishaps in the online/on-site coordination and risk of Covid-19 if you are on-site.

Rules for online attendees

If you are an online presenting author, the ADM2021 Presentation Template for your presentation is downloadable at the Submission/Template download section.

Instructions to join the Conference have been sent to the online attendees through their registration email.

In accordance to the Programme, four Rooms’ Session (named ADM2021_Room*)  have been provided by dedicated links.

By clicking on one of the link the software will be downloaded, if it is the first time you use it.

The Altair Event planned on the 8th of September (Room 1) can be a good chance to check your connection. Don’t miss it!


Regulations for on-site attendees

Covid-19 Regulations

For on-site attendees and accompaying persons, the access to the Faculty and the Social Events is granted only with a valid Green Pass 

Here a list of pharmacies where you can make swabs, please contact them by phone before getting there:

The access to the Faculty building (RM031) requests also a daily self-declaration of no COVID-19 symptoms and no contact with persons in quarantine. To avoid gatherings you can fill in the Sapienza self-declaration form and exhibit it at the entrance through your mobile phone.

The declaration will arrive by email in few minutes after you send the form.

Here the Sapienza data that you must provide during the filling in:
Struttura di afferenza: Facoltà di Ingegneria Civile e Industriale
Nominativo del referente di Sapienza: F. Campana
Edificio: RM031
Descrizione e motivazione dell’attività: ADM2021 International Conference

All accesses will be tracked to keep the full list for at least 14 days.

Rules for on-site attendees

For Presenting Authors
If you are an on-site presenting author, the
ADM2021 Presentation Template for your presentation is downloadable at the Submission/Template download section.
Take care that:
– to guarantee the connection for the online attendees the only PC allowable is the one available in the session room.
– during the presentation you will be asked to wear gloves to reduce risk by contact.


Covid-19 Rules for all the attendees

– Wearing mask is mandatory inside the buildings and, outside, when there is less than 1 meter of distance.

– Each day, at the Faculty Entrance, Green Pass and Sapienza self-declaration will be checked.

– During the sessions, in the rooms, only permitted seats may be used. Please, to avoid obclusion do not use seats at the extremities if the row is not full.

– During breaks please, avoid gatherings.

– In the aisles keep the right to not obstacle other people.

Personel in charge of security will monitor the flows and the adoption of masks and measures to be carried out.

Detailed descriptions about Covid-19 prevention can be found in Risk prevention and management of COVID-19 at Sapienza (P011_C)